December 17, 2015

For my final creative coding project, I revisited the motion capture data I used in Assignment #6. This time, I made a Markov Chain Generator to simulate new data. I tried a lot of different models, uncoupling x, y, and z, recoupling x, y, and z, calculating position relative to... everything.

Here is a first attempt. As you can see, it gets stuck in some weirdness. It took me the LONGEST time to find the error in the matching function that caused that.

Here is an attempt at looping through the points and generating data based on position relative to the previous point. It is not really coupled over time, so it just looks crazy and random.

Here is a model that generates velocity data rather than position data and adds the change in position to the previous position. The movement is smooth and life-like, but we completely lose the sense of the body. The points looked a lot like little goldfish, so I decided to run with the theme.

This was my favorite version. I call it Self Portrait. You can move the mouse around to pan and zoom. Hold the mouse down to suspend the red particles and release to snap the figure back together. Enjoy the cheesy Max Richter music.

Check it out here:

Here is the code: